Reading and Leeds 2017

Crowd gathered for music festival in front of stage under clear sky.

2 cities, 1 festival…

Well, officially, Reading is just classed as a town. And it doesn’t matter, both are located in fields far away from their centers. Either way, this weekend is the time for one of the UK’s biggest and most established festivals, as performers from Leeds festival perform from Friday 25th til Sunday 27th, switching over to Reading when they’re finished and vice versa. It’s a bank holiday for many to let loose and enjoy the music while singing discordantly. The following list  is 5 things to look forward to over the weekend if you’re attending Leeds and Reading Festival 2017 or tuning in on BBC:

Some good weather – Leeds is expected to be sunny on Thursday and cloudy on the following days. If you’re heading to Reading, it looks like some acts are chasing the sun, as it’s overcast on Thursday, getting progressively sunnier on Sunday. Because I’m currently relying on a weather app, I’ll  not to be held accountable if you’re stuck wallowing around in the mud while Liam Gallagher blares out ‘Wonderwall’ over a torrential downpour.


Eminem – If there’s one act to be excited about, it’s undoubtedly the disputable best rapper of all time. He will be playing at Reading on Saturday 26th and Leeds on Sunday 27th. Looking a less youthful after growing a beard, he’s one of if not the biggest rap icons of our generation. Need I go on?


Fatboy Slim – I’m not in possession of a festival program, so I can’t tell you whose performance this legendary electric DJ’s performance will overlap on Friday at Reading or Saturday at Leeds. As a Saturday ticket holder, I’ll be as close to the front of the Radio 1 dance stage as possible, swooning to ‘Right here, Right now’ regardless of who’s playing the other stages.


Kasabian – A firm Indie favorite, who’ll be playing well-known songs like ‘Fire’ and the more recent ‘You’re in love with a Psycho’. They’re playing Reading on Friday and Leeds Saturday, so make sure you’re around for their performances. If you want to carry on this vibe, Muse will be playing Leeds on Friday and Reading on Sunday.


Jonathan Pie – Not exactly an act you’d usually pursue at a music festival, this fictitious news reporter is becoming widely known for his blasphemous yet entertaining rhetoric of the political establishment. He’s captivating to watch, and if you find yourself unsure of which direction to go, head to the Alternative Stage for a slice of Pie.


If, like me you’re re-living your youth at a festival you attended  years ago, or you’re celebrating A-Level results with friends before going to University, have the best time!

Below is the lineup: