A Malaysia Airlines flight was forced to divert back to Australia after a technical issue caused the aircraft to ‘shudder’, say passengers.

Flight MH122’s journey was from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, when it turned back to the north-west of Australia. The plane, which was carrying 224 people, landed in Alice Springs Airport safely, at around 7am this morning BST (17:48 Australian).

Passengers said that the plane had been shaking and making loud noises during the brief flight.


In a statement from the airline, they said the plane was diverted after it experienced a ‘technical fault on one of the aircraft’s engines.’

No one was harmed, however passengers on the plane were ‘praying and people had tears in their eyes’ according to Sanjeev Pandev, who spoke to the BBC. 

The flight will be delayed until ready, with passengers waiting in the terminal.

At least this one didn’t go missing.