Mark Hamill Loses the Beard

The beard was strong with this one.

The next Star Wars film is not out for another year and a bit, and no one really knows a damn thing about it. There were a few rumours that Luke Skywalker himself would die in the film, but these were quickly refuted by the director and the actor himself, and Hamill has even hinted the character will return for Episode IX. 

Mark Hamill posted a video on Twitter yesterday of him shaving the beard, which he has worn since 2015, and adding “at least til Episode IX.’

The last episode is not due for release until 2019, and will be directed by Jurrassic World‘s Colin Trevorrow. Before we get there though, we have three other movies. This year’s Rogue One, Episode VIII, and the young Han Solo movie which is yet to be titled.

The next episode finished filming in July, and Rogue One hits theatres in December.

RIP Mark Hamill’s beard.

Least he can grow a beard.

Then there’s me:

heck yeah

This took me 20 minutes. Was it worth it? Yes.