May’s Car Crash Conference

For the past two weeks, Boris Johnson has been in virtually every political discussion. His aims to become Prime Minister seem to be increasingly evident as the days go by. It was therefore believed by members of the Conservatives that their annual Conservative Party Conference would be a time for their leader Theresa May to put things right and start over again following the dreadful election result.

Keeping with tradition, the leader of the party always speaks at the end of the conference, meaning Wednesday was Theresa May’s day. It was going to be the day where she revived herself as a leader as she aimed to get back to tackling the “burning injustices” she spoke about when she first became Prime Minister.

Instead, it was a car crash speech with an interruption, hoarse voice and coughing throughout.

A photo of the P45 handed to May, tweeted by ITV’s Paul Brand

Stealing the show wasn’t quite Boris Johnson, whose speech yesterday went down incredibly well, but a member of the audience. A young male handed May a P45 – a certificate notifying someone they have been sacked – during her speech to the conference which was subsequently found by journalists at the conference. The prankster then told May, “Boris wanted me to give you this,” in what can only be described as a complete humiliation for the Conservative Party and undoubtedly Mrs May herself.

Not only was May interrupted by the unidentified male, but by a coughing fit during the speech. It was clear at the beginning of the week that the Prime Minister was feeling a little under the weather as her voice sounded different in various interviews, but nobody expected her to then almost lose it during her keynote speech. Some journalists in the audience were unsure if May would continue, but she did, although it will be difficult for the media and indeed the public to focus on the content of her speech when so much was distracting from it.

The slogan behind Mrs May also fell apart during her speech, with the ‘F’ falling off of the wall as well as one of the ‘E’s later on.

Senior members of May’s cabinet watching her struggle through her speech

It seems nothing can go right for the Prime Minister at the moment and she has been destined to fail ever since the election campaign earlier in the year. On a human level, we feel a little bit sorry for her. Months would have gone into preparing this speech; one that would unite the Conservative Party once more and dispel any talk of a leadership contest. Unfortunately for them, nothing of the sort came of this speech by Theresa May today.

We’re sure one person (with the initials ‘BJ’) will be clapping their hands at this, though…