Yesterday hardworking McDonald’s workers found a new enemy in Rick and Morty fans after the fast food chain’s latest publicity stunt which caused chaos across the US.

Catching on to the Rick and Morty hype, McDonald’s offered a limited amount of R&M posters and special edition Szechuan dipping sauce on a first come first served basis. Many fans travelled and queued for hours to get their hands on the sauce. It quickly became clear that many McDonald’s restaurants greatly underestimated the demand and only had a small supply of Szechuan sauce. Most customers had to leave empty handed but not everyone took the fact McDonald’s ran out of sauce very well.

Clearly frustrated, some R&M fans began chanting and protesting and in some places, the police had to be called to control the crowds.

There were even reports of customers physically jumping over counters, grabbing armfuls of sauce and running away. For the staff, yesterday must have been one big nightmare. Some employees took to Twitter to share their dislike of Rick and Morty “freaks”.

You can see in this video the grief that they were given all day.

No worker should be put through this for the sake of a packet of sauce. For weeks, fans of the show have been constantly saying how intelligent you have to be to understand the ‘humour’. If this is how they behave over a packet of sauce, they can’t be that smart, can they?