Men in Reboots

Men in Black is an odd franchise. It’s the kind of thing that you remember seeing as a kid with only a vague understanding of how the film went. There was an evil alien who wanted to take over the world and they had some flashlight things.

Anyway, reports from Deadline have said that a new Men in Black movie will be coming in 2019. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith will not be returning for the movie. It’s said that the movie will not be a remake of the original 1997 movie, but will just take place in the same universe. Because every movie needs multiple storylines now.

The script will be from Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, who wrote Iron Man (good movie) and Transformers: The Last Knight (utter garbage).

There was some talk of this new film being a Jump Street crossover, however, Sony has said that they are still working on that. Last year it was reported that the movie would be titled MIB 23 and director James Bobin would helm the project.

All three MIB movies had massive success, while the third was not well received by critics, the three films have made a combined $1.6 billion+.