Midweek Blues

I mean it’s cute, but it’s also terrifying.

Just to mention, no one got hurt, everyone’s fine, the bear is also fine, don’t call PETA.

How terrifying would it be, for example, if you were spending a lovely Monday afternoon just making some brownies, to look to your right, and see a giant freaking bear trying to get in?

Well, one lady had a bit of a shock yesterday when that literally happened.

I’m in awe.

Do not fear though, no one was injured, and the Connecticut wildlife officials have said they will keep an eye out for the bear in future.

In other bear related news, which is not a phrase I ever though I would say, two bikers had a rather terrifying experience as they narrowly missed being mauled by a bear at the weekend too.

Don’t worry though, the bikers got away safely, and the bear ran off.

However, it is safe to assume they could do with some new undies.

So yeah.

Watch out for bears, I guess?