Midweek Blues

This one’s a little on the nose. Just go with it.

Hypocrisy is something Trump wears on his sleeve at this point and the new employee handbook at his Las Vegas hotel has shocked his harshest critics. It gets a little ridiculous.

The rules governing the employees, specifically prohibit giving jobs to family members.

Yeah. We aren’t kidding.

Given that Trump’s children are running the White House and his business alongside him like a weird episode of Black Mirror, is something that plenty of people have criticised. His sons control his businesses, with girlfriend his daughter and her husband Jared Kushner work as advisors to the administration.

She sticks out like a sore thumb. Or is that just me?

The handbook is strongly against this, however, stating:

‘While Trump International Hotel Las Vegas does not wish to deprive itself of the services of potentially valuable associates by establishing a policy excluding the employment of relatives, it must be acknowledged that such employment can result in the appearance of a conflict of interest, collusion, favouritism, and other undesirable work environment conditions.’

Someone er…want to relay that to the head honcho or?

The irony, however, keeps on flowing. Trump’s business also has a strong policy against sexual misconduct. Do we even need to say it?

‘Prohibited activity includes ‘offensive sexual jokes, sexual language, sexual epithets, sexual gossip, sexual comments or sexual enquiries’ and unwelcome flirting.’

It also prohibits harassment, including epithet, slurs, quips or negative stereotyping’.

Sorry, I think my head’s going to explode from the amount of hypocrisy.