After initial predictions putting the game in the March release window, Monster Hunter: World will be arriving in January on all major platforms.

Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World, probably the first big release of 2018, will be coming much sooner than anticipated. E3 interviews claimed the game was still a way out, but the official date has been set for all three platforms. The beta is available on the 22nd of December for PS4 users, however Xbox One and PC will have to wait for the actual release date on the 26th January.

The latest trailer shows a returning friend from the series, the Palicos. These furry little helpers are the purrfect companion to any hunter. They’re also very cute and I want all of them to be safe and happy.

However, this will be the first time we’ve properly gotten to customise our own companion. From fur colour, eye shape, ear shape, they have it all. Have you always wanted to dress your cat in some sick looking armour?

Do you have nothing else to do with your January?

This may be worth your while.

In other Capcom news, they finally released Resident Evil 7’s long-awaited free DLC, Not a Hero. This add-on delves into what happened after the main story, putting the player in the boots of Chris Redfield, who makes a return from previous entries in the series. Relatively short, but vastly different in terms of gameplay.

The main difference being you can straight up Falcon Punch boys in the face.

Who would win: dozens of virus ridden monsters, or one punchy boi.