Netflix never misses the mark when it comes to original series and movies- American Vandal was no exception. The 8 part series is a crime mock-umentary that follows two young documentarians trying to prove the innocence of an expelled class clown named Dylan. From creators Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault, American Vandal is a whodunnit without much doubt on the perpetrator.

Dylan has been blamed for an act of vandalism that included penises being drawn on 27 staff members’ cars. Despite having no hard evidence, Dylan was the perfect suspect. He had a history of pulling damaging pranks, a vengeance against many of the teachers and a reputation as a bit of a trouble maker.

The documentarians, Peter and Sam, have more faith in Dylan than everybody else at the school and they both take it upon themselves to prove Dylan’s innocence, despite a complete lack of cooperation from Dylan himself. After uncovering various secrets about staff and students, some of which result in great trouble, they can finally shed a light on the situation.

With a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 97%, American Vandal is one of the most successful Netflix originals. Every episode brings a new twist and your prediction of who the culprit is will change every five minutes. It’s crude, entertaining and thoroughly binge-worthy and an enjoyable, light-hearted watch for anybody.