New AC Movie Trailer!

The movie of the popular franchise Assassins Creed hits theatres in December, and its newest trailer showcases some really cool sequences, and a more action-packed look at the film.

Oh, and a ton of jumping.


The film will be directed by Justin Kurzel, and stars Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, and Michael Kenneth Williams. Along with the new trailer, a new poster has been revealed too; check it out at the bottom.

It was revealed last month that the majority of the film would be set in the present day, which is an unusual twist from the tried and tested formula of spending more time in the Animus that out of it. However, this could give a more refined look at the world surrounding the main character, if we see him in the present.

Also, a new fact: some scenes will actually feature the main cast speaking Spanish, as they are set in 15th century Spain. Kurzel said that they had experimented with the actors speaking in English, but using the native tongue added an “exoticness and richness to the film.”

As for the game series, there won’t be another dip into the Animus until next year, after Ubisoft stated they would be taking a break to focus on making their next game as awesome as possible. But the film should help to fill the void.

Check out the trailer!

And the poster: