It’s under the radar, but people are becoming increasingly excited, as we get closer to the launch of State of Decay 2, from Undead Labs. In a recent blog post they shared with us some details as to how the world would be different from the first game.

The biggest change would be the upcoming changes to the map, or maps.

“Hey, all, I’ve seen a lot of chatter about what everyone is hoping to see with a map. We’re finally far enough along that I can safely tell you: We are launching with THREE maps. Each roughly the size of the original. You should expect to see slightly different environments, definitely different landmarks and locations, different layouts lending themselves to different strategies, unique home sites, and even different mission types.”

Keep in mind the original map was pretty dang big.

The reason they wanted more maps was simply “because it makes the game more fun.” Plus, the more content the better. For anyone who played the original, it got kind of stale toward end game where you had plenty of supplies, and found there wasn’t really anything else worth exploring.

But, hopefully, with three maps it will feel like you’re progressing through this world.

Sanya Weathers, who created the post, also explained how moving on would work:

“Speaking of specifics, I KNOW you all are going to ask “but what can we take with us between maps?” About half of you skipped the previous paragraph just to see if I was going to tell you. Foge (for new survivors, that’s Richard Foge, the Design Director here at the Lab) says that the intent is for us to be able to take all of our people, and everything in our supply lockers and rucks. We’ll have all the vehicles parked in our home site parking spaces, along with whatever’s stored in the trunks. We’re also going to get at least a partial refund on what we sunk into building our facilities. That’s the intention, anyway. As always, specifics may change a bit as we get deeper into testing, so cover me later if I’ve got to make edits, will you?”

Sounds like things are shaping up nicely for State of Decay 2, which will be released at some point this year.