New Wolfenstein Trailer

I am so excited for this.

About two weeks ago, Bethesda released a trailer for Wolfenstein 2, and only three Nazis died in it, which is a bit disappointing when you think that’s the entire point of the game. This week isn’t really any different. But it sets the tone very well.

The scene takes place in a diner, in the US, where the Nazis have taken over, with the player character looking through the eyes of BJ Blazkowicz, as a commandant, Nazi general, who wanders into said diner, to have a milkshake. The tone is like that of people who hate each other trying to get along. Oh, did I mention BJ was carrying an atomic bomb disguised as a fire extinguisher?

It’s uncomfortable, after the scene on the train with the lady general in the first game – it just makes us feel watched. Overwhelmed almost by the fact that we’re heavily outnumbered, and the fact that this general holds the scene is kind of scary.

It looks gorgeous and I cannot wait to get back to dual wielding auto-shotguns.

Sweet Christmas, this is going to be good.