A USA robot has been put on a break after it was deemed too slow. ‘Flippy’ the robot was installed at a Cali Burger outlet in Pasadena and replaced human cooks. After one day, however, ‘Flippy’ was taken offline, so it can be upgraded to cook faster.

Workers of the restaurant are also getting extra training to keep up with the demand.

This isn’t the first time a robot hasn’t exactly worked properly.

In a statement with the robot’s creator, Miso Robotics said it was testing code to ensure the robot could cook quickly enough to fulfil orders at peak times. Prior to starting, ‘Flippy’ was capable of cooking up to 2,000 burgers a day.

We feel oddly proud of it.

Cali Burger said it was working with its staff, to show them the best way to prep raw patties and place them and other ingredients in the burgers to help ‘Flippy’ work as fast as possible. Seriously you cannot make this up.

Cali said it was using the robot to get around its recruitment problems. The company would spend time training employees only to have them leave a few months later.

Eventually, they hope to have burger flipping robots in up to 50 of their restaurants.

Wow. Wonder what they’ll call all their robots. Or will it just be variations of Flippy, i.e. Flippy 1, Flippy 2…?