PewDiePie’s Response

This will be the second time he’s had to do this in a year.

Yesterday, we ran a story saying how one of the most popular YouTubers on the site had said possibly the worst word he could live on stream. Well, today, he has come up with a response. I’m a little surprised to say this. But he seems genuinely sorry about it.

Unlike the last time something like this happened, instead of trying to shift blame, he apologised and said he should have been more thoughtful. But while an apology is all well and good, it sucks to think this is the second time he’s had to do it. He shouldn’t have said it, to begin with. Should have learned from his mistakes.

It also now sets a precedent that he can get away with this stuff so long as he apologises. I suppose that’s what you get when most of your audience is either white supremacists or children.

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again.