Occasionally on this blog, we showcase some of the finer feats in gaming. From beating a boss without dodging to recreating a popular game trailer in modern CG, we’ve covered some pretty neat stuff. But occasionally we get something like this, which completely changes the game. (HA. Pun).

If you’re any sort of gamer you will have heard of Diablo. The granddad of dungeon crawlers, players have been diving into these games for over two decades, and honestly? There’s nothing as fun as blasting through swarms of hellish enemies. However, people are always finding interesting ways to complete the game. Some guy managed to run through the entire game in eight hours without killing a single enemy.

It’s quite impressive.

If you want to read the full run-down, you can find it on Reddit. Maybe someone could find out how to do something similar in Diablo III.

Pacifist runs are quite a common thing in games, weirdly. People have completed Fallout 4, Dark Souls, Deus Ex, and even DOOM.

But, surely that just takes the fun out of something like DOOM, right?


Him leggy come off.