Pole Dance: The Ultimate Workout

A new and unexpected fitness craze has been sweeping the nation in the unlikely form of pole fitness. Where pole dance was once frowned upon as a tasteless and seedy art, thousands of women across the globe are donning tiny shorts, sky-high heels and are hitting the pole for the ultimate new empowering workout!

With a number of health benefits, pole dance is quickly becoming a fitness craze for thousands by building confidence and just being lots of fun. Various blogs and social media accounts set up in dedication to the sport have already achieved thousands of poling followers around the world. Over the past few years, professional pole sport performers have even been petitioning for pole to become an Olympic event!

Here are the top fitness reasons why pole dance is the ultimate workout and the perfect sport to get you strong, in shape and confident:

  1. It builds incredible strength
    Dead-lifting, spinning, and holding your full body weight via a vertical pole (sometimes with one hand) takes an incredible amount of strength, which is why pole dance is the perfect fun option for conditioning the muscles and gaining crazily impressive upper body and core strength!
    pole 3
  2. It’s great for body toning
    It’s not just your arms and abs that get a great workout with pole dance; it’s a sport which, like dance, utilises the whole body making a great way to train, condition and tone all the muscles in your body including legs, bum, shoulders, and chest. pole 4
  3. You get crazy flexible
    Stretching, splits, tricks and leg kicks are all pivotal parts of pole dance and will help to improve muscle flexibility in the legs and the back, so if you’ve always wanted to be able to impress your friends with crazy flexibility, pick up pole dance and it will start to come naturally!
    pole 2