Prey’s PC Problems

Bethesda just can’t get it right, can they? After stating they would work extra hard on the port, the game is still having some issues.

Yes ladies and jellyfish, the PC port for Prey is plagued with some of the same stuff Dishonored 2 was infected with. Things like broken saves, random crashing to desktop, various bugs, and character models glitching out are bringing what seems to be a decent game down.


A Bethesda spokesperson said to IGN:

“We are looking into the issues that people are experiencing, and are actively working to provide an update to address them. We ask that if you are encountering issues, please report them on our support group website.”

This promised update is still a way off, it would seem, as no additional information was provided.

Prey_screen_shot (1)

Other reviews have praised the game for its atmosphere and feel, however the combat is said to be incredibly lacking in weight and impact. Check out the biggest reviews here:

Gamespot: Its gameplay falters out of the gate, eventually maturing into something worthwhile, if a bit familiar. As homage to System Shock it’s competent and at times even enjoyable. However, Prey fails to distinguish itself, and next to immersive and original games such as Dishonored, it feels stagnant.

IGN: Its strange alternate-history universe, side-quests, hidden threats, and detailed environmental storytelling make Talos 1 a joy to explore, one that’s well worth slogging through combat that doesn’t feel fresh enough to sustain it throughout a long game.

Trusted Reviews: Arkane has delivered some outstanding gameplay here, but the story is inconsistent. If you read emails and books littered across Talos 1, there’s something of intrigue here, but the actual narrative told directly to the player will leave you wanting significantly more.

A relatively mixed bag really. It has a Very Positive score on Steam, with 88% of 2,176 reviews saying it was good.

Hopefully they’ll fix some of the problems with it.