One to Play

Operation White Noise, Ubisoft’s newest update for Rainbow Six Siege is finally out. With the game recently celebrating its second birthday, now would be a pretty good time to get into the tactical shooter.

Vigil is a sneaky boy, who can hide from drones, allowing him to get the drop on unsuspecting attackers.

I never did a review for Siege, simply because I didn’t know enough about it. I still don’t know a lot about it if I’m honest, but it’s something I would whole-heartedly recommend. With the current climate of video-games being something of a toxic mess of loot boxes and veiled lies, I can honestly say I love how Siege keeps players engaged. Constant tweaks and updates along with new characters and maps keep the game feeling fresh. Plus, with this being the start of a new season, now’s as good a time as any to get stuck into what’s slowly becoming my Game of the Year.

Zofia is a powerhouse of high firepower and creating havoc. She uses her grenade launcher to blow up or disorient enemies. It’s pretty sweet.

The game features a wide array of characters to pick from, all of which can be unlocked with renown rather quickly, so long as you play well. Something I still haven’t gotten down. You can also buy year passes which unlock the newer Operators straight away for free.

Dokkaebi is quickly becoming a fan favourite. Her phone-hacking ability allows her to signal where defenders are to her allies. And if you don’t turn your phone off, it just keeps ringing. Plus the Mk. 14 is a beautiful rifle. 

Along with this season’s new Operators, we also have a new map and a couple of fixes. One of which being how pistols function. Players complained, rather rightly, that when aiming with pistols, the iron sight was too far up the screen. This basically covered up what you’re trying to aim at, rendering Operators like Caveira slightly more annoying to play as, so I’m told.

Other pistol Operators, like Blitz and Montagne, were also harder to play with, simply because you can’t see what you’re shooting at when aiming down the sight.

This update fixes that, however.

Plus, we have the three new characters and Tower, a vertical map of corridors, balconies and choke points.

So yeah, you should probably play Siege.