PUBG Not eSport Ready


2017’s runaway hit PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not ready for the eSport scene, according to the creator.

Brendan Greene says that:

‘Battle Royale could be an amazing eSport, but we have to get it right.’

This is even though tournaments have already been held around the world, and eSports award in a cabinet and an active competitive community. Not to mention they charged £2.50 for a loot crate that contained special Gamescom items. While it was still in Early Access.


I’ll never forget my first win.

Brendan, who began the project, said he wanted to take things slowly, but is confident PUBG will be ready one day for the big leagues. With a player base the size of his, they’d be mad not to push for eSports representation. However, there are some hangups that could prevent the game from reaching those heights.

The premise, 100 players dropping onto a map to gun each other down, is an odd formula. With something like Overwatch action is constant. You must consider where you are on the map, who you’re playing as, who your team is playing as, what counters you can throw up. But with PUBG, a vast amount of time is spent just wandering around.

Doesn’t make for stellar gameplay.

But, if they do it right, it could very well be eSports next big thing.


When it works it looks pretty cool. This is a rare occasion.

More than 20 million units have shipped of PUBG making it 2017’s best selling game, and one of Steam’s best selling and most popular games in years. The Xbox One version arrived in December, with several glaring issues.

However, the developer, Bluehole, have fixed most of issues players were having. It has been credited for introducing a new style of game into the mainstream. It gained traction through streamers and due to its addictive nature had people hooked from their first game.

Your faithful correspondent is sat on around 140 hours or so.

Who knows what the future holds?

Hopefully more maps and lag fixes.