Pump for Plug

Electric car charging at charging point

It’s not exactly breaking news to know that most vehicles emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. Quite frankly, it’s something we earthlings could do without, considering the endless problems we accrue as our reign continues. What is surprising, however, is that our government is making a conscious decision to combat this problem. They’ve announced a ban on all new diesel and petrol cars from 2040, a year that couldn’t come sooner!

This phasing out of fuel-guzzling cars is already being spearheaded by the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, nations that we could definitely learn a thing or two from. In fact, they’re getting ahead of the game by working towards a more ambitious deadline of 2025, which begs the question: why not us?

Fuel pump on the left vs electric charger on the right

Electric pump versus charging plug

The government has pledged funds to help the council improve public transport in the meantime, which we’ll have to see to believe. Other improvements to infrastructure like roads will be funded through altered taxes on diesel vehicles, but they’ll have to think of more than this to fund more charging points for electric vehicles. Nonetheless, the fact that the UK government is adhering to European standards is positive. It means that our air quality, particularly in more densely-populated urban areas, will also improve; a key motivation behind the decision. This policy not only wise but fundamental. However, the government should really be looking to implement it sooner, as similar to most environmental issues time is of the essence.