Most students would do anything to get a few extra marks but not all would go quite as far as Ygnacio Valley High School student David Rotaro.

The 16-year-old hatched a cunning plan which allowed him to access his school’s IT network and alter data inputted on the grade system. He was later arrested by Concord police, California.

Rotaro created a fake website that was a near exact replica of the school’s login page the sent out a phishing email from a fake email address which asked teachers to enter their login details. Most teachers didn’t fall for the email but the one that did allowed Rotaro to access the IT network. Once hacked into the system, he changed the grades of various students- lowering and raising them as he pleased.

Concord police believe 10-15 students’ grades were changed but the matter is still being investigated.

Finding the culprit was no easy task for the police. The department teamed up with the US Secret Service and several cybercrime experts in order to determine the IP address. Once this was established, they traced the cyber attack back to one of Ygnacio Valley High School’s own students.

Rotaro was arrested and charged with 14 felonies, and later released to his parents. He is currently awaiting a court date.

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