A blog post by former Harrow headteacher, Barnaby Lenon, has caused an outcry as he wrote that GCSE and A-Level students should revise for 100 hours over the Easter holidays.

The ironic part of Lenon’s advice is that most of his former pupils at Harrow would have had a top job lined up at Daddy’s firm irrespective of A-Level results.

He suggested that revision should begin at 9am and take place in two hour intervals until 6pm. It’s really alarming is that a 16 year old’s workload is so intense that they supposedly have no time to have a proper Easter break.

This advice has angered some experts who point out that such an intense workload has a detrimental impact on youth mental health. A quarter of schoolgirls in the UK suffer from depression that is often caused by academic pressure. Suggesting that students should spend so long revising is irresponsible and can cause unnecessary stress.

Revision is necessary and will affect your grade but it’s quality over quantity. Sitting at your desk for 7 hours reading from a textbook is no where near as beneficial as half an hour of effective and active revision.