Rampage Stomps Box Office

Dwayne Johnson has done it again, with his latest movie Rampage, which has ‘rampaged’ through theatres this weekend. It made $150 million this weekend alone worldwide. IT now sits atop the box office for the US and Canada.

Rampage had its first big weekend domestically, however, it was projected to do far better than it did, with estimates at around $35-40 million. Even so, it’s still a staggering amount of money. Not entirely unheard of,  given that his recent movie Jumanji was incredibly well received, pulling in more money than the most recent Star Wars.

Critics have been less than kind to this giant monster mash-up. Could it be fatigue from the likes of King Kong and Pacific Rim already? Well, many put it down to the ‘aggressively dumb’ and ‘impressive-looking but relatively less amusing’ adaption of the 90s video-game. This isn’t the first-time critics have disagreed with fans.

Critics blasted The Last Jedi while (most) fans loved the movie. Similar circumstances happened with things like Justice League and Batman V Superman.

During the excitement of the release, Dwayne put his 2006 role in Doom on blast, saying on Twitter:

“Wow! Very cool Rampage news! Not pointing to the scoreboard yet, but it seems we may have finally broken the dreaded video game curse. And remember, I starred in the stinker Doom, so I have lived thy curse.”

Smash cut to Doom’s Twitter profile:

At least the most recent game was great, right?