Recycle Week 2017

Man holding tins to demonstrate power of recycling

Needless to say, recycling is a crucial part of the human effort to save the planet, and this week is a chance to really consider the impact we have on the environment.

It is now National Recycle Week, and it continues until October 1st. This marks its 14th year, which shows our commitment to tackling the problem, while on the flip side demonstrates that it has remained an ongoing issue for a long time. If you’ve caught the awful smell of Path Head Landfill site in Blaydon, Gateshead, you’ll understand the impact waste can have on a daily basis. I sympathise entirely with those living much closer to the landfill itself.

This year’s Recycle Week theme is ‘Recycling – It’s Worth It’, with the mantra ‘What goes around comes around’. Many people are often mistaken in thinking that actions such as recycling a plastic bottle or a few sheets of paper won’t make a difference. However, if these seemingly insignificant objects aren’t recycled, they’ll end up in landfill, having a direct impact on people such as those living near landfill sites, or further pollute our oceans. According to Greenpeace, a rubbish truck of rubbish is dumped into the ocean every minute. What do you think happens to it next?

The following video is one of the many examples that show the benefits of recycling, and how our waste can be made useful if we dispose of it wisely:


Even if plastic slides aren’t your thing, there are many other things it can be recycled into – even clothing. Recycling is therefore definitely ‘worth it’, so I urge you to read more about Recycle Week on the WRAP website or Recycle Now. These sites also have more videos and free resources if you wish to get more informed or involved.

If you want to read more about  environmental issues, and the way organisations are fighting for them, I also suggest you read more about Greenpeace.

Think green, people!