Reese Wither-Third Leg

In the latest edition of Vanity Fair, people have been pointing out something rather odd. Mainly the fact that she may have three legs.

She was but one of the 12 film stars who posted on the magazine’s Hollywood edition, which is published every year during awards season.

Vanity Fair assured readers that the appearance of a third leg was simply ‘the lining of her dress’. I’m not convinced, however. Not to mention the fact that Oprah has literally three hands.

How does this stuff not get fixed? Did one the editors think no one would notice? What happened? There’s a story here and it’s eating me from the inside. At least the two stars had a giggle about it though.

Vanity Fair is apparently fixing Oprah’s hands online, but still, assure people Witherspoon does not have a third leg.

That’s not a sentence I ever thought I would say.

Meanwhile, James Franco was deliberately removed from the issue, after originally being photographed and interviewed. This comes after he was accused of sexual misconduct toward some of his students in his acting school and inappropriate behaviour toward five women.

The Hollywood Reporter quoted a spokesperson saying:

‘We decided not to include James Franco on the Hollywood cover once we learned of the misconduct allegations against him.’

No reshoots were needed, as those chosen for the cover were photographed separately in small groups.