Fans of Taylor Swift will have to buy her album if they want to listen to it before it’s made available on streaming sites like Apple Music and Tidal. Taylor Swift has criticised streaming services, going as far back as 2014, when she pulled all her music off Spotify.

Then she jumped to Apple Music, presumably after a rather large sum of money was sent to her brand.

Bloomberg said that streaming companies were still negotiating with the singer over when they can start offering her album. She has always had a difficult relationship (there’s a surprise) with streaming sites and has called out the effect they are having on the music industry.

This album sold massively worldwide and it’s very likely that the newer one will too.

Her new album Reputation features 15 tracks including a collab with Ed Sheeran and US rapper Future on the track End Game. Her latest album, 1989 only returned to Spotify in June as a ‘thank you’ to her fans after it sold 10 million copies.

Keep your ears to the ground for when it’s coming to streaming services. Or just buy it in a store like the good old days.