Results Yay!

Students jumping together in celebration of exam results.

It’s that time of the year for millions of students across the UK when they find out if those crucial predicted grades match reality, and if they’ve attained their place in further education.

After months of arduous revision, grilling assessments, and a short break, the A-Level results are in. The tension experienced between exams and results can be overwhelming, with many finding ways to relax through the holidays. The majority of students will be either receiving UCAS confirmation from their University choices or going through clearing, where they’ll find an alternative course to match what they want to do. If you need more information on UCAS click here.

Results wise, there’s been a fair few changes in trends when compared to recent years. For the first time in 7 years, boys have topped the girls in attaining A* and A grades, with the overall proportion of those desirable grades increasing for both. That means more people achieving the high-end results. However, due to changes in exams making them more difficult, in subjects including English, Science and History, trends saw grades fall.

The overall results seem to show a positive outcome, however, particularly for students like Lucy Wilkinson, who attended Newcastle College 6th Form. She secured her place at Sheffield Hallam University to study Education with Psychology and Counselling. She got an A in EPQ, B in English Literature, B in psychology and B in sociology.  When asked how she felt, Lucy responded with “I am actually over the moon!”. Like many others, she’ll be joining her friends and celebrating in Newcastle tonight.