Just a matter of days ago, we discussed the final episode of Doctor Foster, series 2, and raised some important questions about the ending.

Now, it’s all over, and like many other viewers, we’re not quite sure how we feel about it. So, we thought we would reflect on the series as a whole.

When we first learned that Doctor Foster would be back, we were ecstatic – it’s what everyone had been waiting for, a return to the incredibly gripping drama that had pulled us all in back in 2015. A 40-something doctor, Gemma Foster, who is devastated to find her husband cheating with a gorgeous 23-year-old, right behind her back. Yet, instead of falling into a spiral of sadness and regret, Doctor Foster turns the tables and seeks revenge. A definite tinge of insanity, but it made for good TV.

This series, Gemma could be seen finally getting back on her feet. Then, of course, Simon arrived. The man who wrecked her life was back, with a big, expensive house. Not only is he now married to Kate, who he had the affair with, but they also have a daughter, and he has the perfect job. Typical.

Throughout the series, we saw Gemma in a new light. Yes, she was still very much affected by Simon’s actions, and desperate to prevent him from ruining her life, but things were different this time around. It seemed that Simon was in control again, and Gemma was losing her strength.

Yet, as the series continued, and Gemma persuaded Kate to leave Simon with nothing, we began to see the old Gemma. Hence, leaving us incredibly excited for the finale.

Will Gemma kill her husband? What will happen to their son, Tom? Will they get back together? What could possibly happen?

Though our questions were answered, it wasn’t the climatic finale we were expecting. The final episode was full of ups and downs, with Simon attempting to kill himself twice, Gemma attempting to work things out for the sake of their son, and finally Tom’s secret departure.

Without a doubt, Tom’s decision to run away was not unexpected; looking back on the last few episodes, it’s clear to see how much he was suffering, and how much he needed help. So, running away may not have been such a bad idea.

However, for many viewers, this was anti-climatic. With a dramatic series like this, many people expect a death and, although we certainly came close, all characters survived. Though, the purpose of this was probably to leave the drama open for a third series, so we can’t complain too much!

Overall, though series 2 didn’t quite meet our expectations, we still love Doctor Foster and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

What did you think?