Rio Ferdinand Wants to Box?

Yep, you heard that right. Rio Ferdinand wants to become a boxer at age 38 after taking up the sport to continue to stay fit after retiring from football and as an outlet for grief after the death of his wife. He is being filmed training for a documentary series and will hopefully have his first fight at the end of the episode.

The former defender for England and Manchester has posted videos on his social media accounts, jokingly challenging professional boxers like Tyson Fury and Tony Bellew. The retired footballer is expected to reveal more details on his blossoming career at a press conference in London.

He is not the first footballer to switch over to boxing. Former midfielder for Sheffield United Curtis Woodhouse and former Norwich striker Leon McKenzie both switched sports with a degree of success. Ferdinand is believed to only want one fight. He is also a regular on BBC and BT Sport, offering insight into football matches. He also appeared in a documentary earlier this year, after his wife died of cancer in 2015.

He has begun preparations for his debut, training with former rugby union centre Mel Deane who will help Ferdinand on his way to the match.

You may joke but props to the guy for throwing himself into something positive after such a loss. At least he’s not picking lost fights before they start. Yes, that was a dig.