Rockstar, You Tease

You alluring game developers, you.

On Sunday the 16th, the Rockstar Games Twitter released an image that many fans are speculating could be part of the build up to a new Read Dead announcement. The picture showed the iconic logo, along with the signature murky red that the game used regularly in its menus and UI.


The red was used in most of the game’s artwork too, and this is what people have used to connect the dots with a possible announcement on the way. But it’s still unclear as to whether this is for a new title, or the re-release of the 2010 hit Red Dead Redemption. The game won a number of awards, with its fantastic single player experience and its awesome online capabilities. It would be easy to say that Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer actually inspired a lot of the mechanics in GTA V online.

Back in April 2016, we were given another hint that a sequel was on the way, after what was said to be an ‘art direction map’ was leaked. The leak gave quite a bit of weight to the idea of a new game coming.

Red Dead Redemption came out in 2010 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and was recently added to the log of backward compatibility games on the Xbox One. The game is still unavailable for PS4, but given the literal 6329% rise in sales of the game since it became backward compatible, it may be in Sony’s best interest to add it to their collection.


While Take-Two, Rockstar’s little sister company, have not given any official details on a release, their company’s chief exec has said it is a ‘permanent’ property. So there will most likely be something announced in the next year or so.

They stated that they will announce games soon, but the earliest of these will be April 2017.