The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) found claims by Skinny Tan that it would ‘tone’ or give ‘less visible cellulite’ could not be proven. The product’s claim it was 100% natural were also false.

The ASA said the company’s ads must not appear again without being changed.

Skinny Tan launched in 2013, after Louise Ferguson and Kate Cotton appeared on Dragon’s Den, winning £60,000 backing from Piers Linney and Kelly Hoppen.

Born in Essex, the entrepreneurs had all five of the investors interested in their product, which claimed it was made of all-natural ingredients and could reduce the appearance of cellulite. Rivals PZ Cussons, who sell a range of similar products, called the adverts out on Facebook.

Here’s the episode:

The company has made several claims to try and cover its back, one of which being that the effect of the lotion was only regarding the ‘cosmetic effect of the tan’. It was also found that Skinny Tan was giving the false impression that it did not contain any of the agent DHA, which main tanning lotions use as a colouring agent. It is also known for its distinctive smell.

Self-tan is quite popular, given it requires little investment, and can yield some decent results. Just don’t overdo it, lest you look like a Wotsit.

Skinny Tan claimed without the chemical, their lotion smelled better.

It was found, however, that the lotion contains naturally occurring DHA, with the advertising watchdog saying that Skinny Tan smelled no better than other products that contained DHA.

Sort it out, people.