A game that cropped up on PC very recently has been refused sale on the PlayStation Store. Super Seducer bills itself as ‘world’s most realistic seduction simulator’. Sony has confirmed that it will not offer the game on its service.

The company has offered no explanation as to why it won’t sell the title, but the announcement comes after a wave of criticism hit the game. The game features ‘seduction guru’ Richard La Ruina, who gives players advice on how to talk to women. These segments are then shown via video, with the player choosing voice lines.

The creator commented on it, essentially saying ‘no comment’.

It’s a lesson in how to interact with women…like their aliens from another planet. Go outside you weirdos.

It launched on Steam for £7.82, with weirdly positive reviews, however, due to Steam’s bonked review system, the clear majority are negative. Many are calling the game cringey and calling out the creator for issuing copyright strikes against people who talk smack on the game on YouTube.

He defended the game, however, stating that ‘this is not a dumb FMV game’.

‘It’s something that has a lot of thought going into it. We were careful to make sure that the women are all strong in it. [We made sure that] I get severely dealt with when I’m behaving incorrectly.

It’s easy to dismiss when you see pickup artist and then FMV, but it’s a lot deeper and smarter than you might get.’

Even so, from the footage we’ve seen, it looks unbearably cringey, with advice that would never actually work in real life.

I thought we’d left these games behind in the 90s.