Who knew that a spelling mistake could lead to someone being found out and sent to jail? Well, that’s exactly what happened to 53-year-old Stewart Caygill.

Taking money from his mother Theresa, and making himself the beneficiary of her estate, Caygill spelt his brother’s name wrong while forging her will.

Hence, leading to his criminal activity being exposed, when his brother Philip noticed that his name had being spelt with an extra ‘l’.

Aware that his mother had always been very particular about spelling, Philip noted that:

“Stewart had spelled my name wrong and my mum had been a PA for a big company, and she would never let any document out of her sight that wasn’t correct. She was meticulous.”

As well as attempting to take a greater sum from his mother’s will than he was entitled to, Philip also stole £26,000 from her bank accounts.

He has been found guilty of forgery and jailed for four years.

After the hearing, his brother Philip commented on the outcome:

“It’s a huge relief, mainly to have the jury believe me. Initially when I first reported it I wasn’t believed by anyone, they just thought it was a family feud.

“I have got no feelings for my brother – he’s cold-hearted and blindingly greedy.”