Summer is finally here and millions of Brits will be jetting off around the world now that the holidays are in full swing. One part of the summer holiday that many people find to be the most boring is the plane journey to and from the destination. So, we thought we’d give you some inspiration on how to stay entertained on the plane.

1. Watch a film

If your journey isn’t long-haul, you won’t get a TV screen in front of you, so you should be prepared before you get on the plane and realise you’re screwed for three hours.

Download a film from iTunes onto your phone, or bring a device that already has a film downloaded on it, or that you can watch films on. A laptop or tablet will be suffice.

2. Write

Yes, we’re all writers here, but there’s nothing better than a spot of writing tens of thousands of miles up in the air.

If you’ve got a window seat, be creative and imagine what the people below you are doing right now. Write a short story. Are they looking directly up at you on the plane? Are they missing somebody who’s on it? The possibilities are endless.

Or, you could simply write a diary if you’re going somewhere special. Journal how you feel, what you plan on doing and anything that has happened so far during the day.

3. Play games

If you aren’t traveling solo, this one is pretty easy. You can buy small (luggage-appropriate) games that are cheap, like a small chess board or Connect4, and take them on the plane to pass the time. Pull down the tray and get going with your travel companions. A pack of cards will do too.

For those traveling long-haul and have the luxury of a screen in front of you, try out the in-flight entertainment. If Who Wants to be a Millionaire is one of the games available, kiss goodbye to the next two hours of your life.

4. Sleep

Some of you may think sleeping is not entertaining, but I beg to differ.

Sleeping is great and passes the time without you even thinking. Plus, once you wake up and land in your new destination, there’s no need for you to be walking around the airport like a zombie because you’ve already caught some shut eye on the plane over.

Safe flight and happy holidays!