Kim K Does Jackie O

Blasphemy is a strong word. One that is used to describe actions that go against a religion or strong faith. People who like pineapple on pizza for example, are blasphemous because pineapple is a fruit. Fruit belongs in juice or other assorted sweet things. So, you can imagine how weird this headline was to read:

(Headline from the Metro)

Yes, Kim K’s latest photoshoot, in which she is fully clothed, has rustled a few jimmies to say the least, hence the whole blasphemy start bit. The reality TV star and ‘business woman’ did a photoshoot in the 60’s theme of Jackie O, John F Kennedy’s wife. She has been criticised for the photo and yes, a few people on good old Twitter were a bit annoyed:

Really annoyed:

And there’s the blasphemy chestnut again:

Someone even drew comparisons to the current First Lady, Melania, saying:

I don’t think the photos are that bad if I’m honest.

But perhaps this user is right. Perhaps she is making a comment on herself and Melania. She, herself, is basically naught but a reality TV star and model, with Melania also being essentially just a model. So what right would either of them have, to sit in that house? To sit there and play pretend next to the pretend POTUS. It could be a comment on what a farce the US government has become.

Let’s be honest, it’s because we haven’t had a story from the Kardashians in a while, so why not pick up some publicity?

The world is doomed. Particularly due to those who like pineapple on pizza.

Fight me.