While Michael Bay’s Transformers series has been commercially successful, The Last Knight may have spelt the end of its streak, being the least successful film yet.

In other words – there is a God.

The toy manufacturers Hasbro confirmed at the company’s Toy Fair 2018 Investor Preview, that the series will be reset completely. The new agreement means that Hasbro will have greater control over the property. This means they will be able to greenlight their own projects. And hopefully, have plots that make sense.

Whoever cast Mark Wahlberg in two of these movies needs a stern talking to.

In October 2015, Hasbro announced there would be four more movies in the franchise and a ‘writers room’ would be established to map out the next decade of movies. This will obviously change after the switchover in power and the 2019 Transformers had been removed from the slate.

The Last Knight made $605 million worldwide. This is well below its predecessor The Age of Extinction and far less than the first movie in 2007.

Okay, so we need a new look for Bumblebee. Your motivation is ‘over-design the b**p out of everything’.

There will be a Transformers movie this year, however, in the form of Bumblebee. The spin-off will be directed by Kubo and the Two Strings director Travis Knight. This will be his first live action title and will star John Cena and Hailee Steinfeld. Kubo was a fantastic film, so this might be entertaining at the very least.

We’re just thanking our stars they ditched Mark Wahlberg.