Crime documentaries, dramas and thrillers are my favourite things to watch on Netflix and there is no shortage of shows of this genre. Here are my top picks of the shows that I would 10/10 recommend to anyone who is even slightly interested in criminals and law.

Making a Murderer


This documentary shows us all how messed up the American legal system is and the devastating effects that corrupt police officers can have on innocent people. The entire show follows one guy, Steven Avery, and the case against him for murder. The court case still has not been settled in real life and everyone who watches knows that there is something seriously weird about the way the case is being handled by the police.

The People v O.J. Simpson


This series is 100% binge-worthy. Once you start the first episode, I can guarantee that you will be absolutely obsessed by it and watch the entire season in one go. With a very famous cast, this has to be one of the best crime dramas of all time, only it’s not strictly speaking a drama as the story is true.

Amanda Knox


If you need one more reason hate the media bandwagon, give this a watch. This show dramatises the true story of Amanda Knox, who you may have seen on the news a few years ago.



This show is for those who want an intellectual view on the disturbing way America handles race and its legal system.



This show is gory, violent and brutal. You’ll be very glad you weren’t around in Medellin, Colombia in the 1980s after watching this, as even the regular citizens all seemed to become affected by infamous Narco Pablo Escobar in some way. On a side note, if you’re learning Spanish, nearly the entire show is spoken in the language.