It seems like only yesterday that Kendall Jenner was in hot water (or rather, hot Pepsi) after inappropriately starring in a social justice-themed advert that ended up being banned. You’d think that the 21-year-old who has a successful modelling career (granted, it was handed to her on a silver plate like everything else in her life) would have learned her lesson, but no!

Kendall thought it would be acceptable to accept a modelling job for Vogue India to celebrate 10 years of the publication.

Now, I’m an avid Keeping Up With the Kardashians fan yet I don’t seem to remember anyone ever mentioning that Kendall Jenner was Indian. In fact, I’m about 99% sure that she is Caucasian which therefore makes her Vogue India cover very distasteful.

What’s worse is that it has hardly been that long since the whole Pepsi debacle making this an even bigger slap in the face to people of colour.

There are so many models of Indian descent that are prettier than Kendall Jenner and also ten times as talented (not difficult, I know). So why did Vogue India allow Kendall Jenner to march in and steal a job from someone that deserved it?

Of course, Vogue is just as much to blame, and you’d think that it would have seen the whole Pepsi drama and avoided Kendall like the plague.

It baffles me why Kendall would think that this was an okay thing to do. Clearly, she isn’t sorry about the offence her Pepsi ad caused. Who knows what she’ll do next. Maybe she’ll apply for the role of Puerto Rican Maria from West Side Story on Broadway? She could always release a new track and use the N word a few times? The racist possibilities are endless.