As exam season is basically on our doorstep, there are some people who will be working so hard they need to be careful. It’s great to be thoroughly prepared, but not at the expense of your mental health. And plus, you don’t want to overwork yourself too early. That’s why we’ve created this super list of tips for avoiding exam burnout.

1. Choose a revision cut-off time

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At this point in exam season, you should set a time in the evening whereby no matter how much revision you’ve done, you won’t work past that time. I set mine at nine o’clock at this point, and then lower it to 8:30 during the actual period of exams.

It’s important to do this so you can get a good night’s sleep as it lets your brain relax.

2. Get some sleep

It’s easy when you go to bed to let your mind race and think about your exams. It’s easier said than done, but try not to let this happen. Sleep is a key part of success in exams, and your body needs plenty of it.

So in order to sleep, there are a few things to try. Don’t work in your bedroom – leave that room for your sleeping and relaxing only. Find some meditation techniques to try to help you sleep. Listen to some relaxing music while lying in bed to help you relax straight into that good old REM.

3. Eat – and eat well

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Some people during exams either eat too much or too little, and often rely on junk food or energy drinks to help them on the revision binge. This is unhealthy and it won’t spell exam success.

You must eat three meals a day during exams, and have something to eat every day for breakfast. Whether it’s a granola bar or two slices of toast, you must eat something of substance before you go in for exams. It’s important to eat more for breakfast than you usually would if you’re not a breakfast fan, that way you’ll be more sustained than usual.

Good luck during your exam season. Follow these three golden rules and you can’t go wrong!