Are you having trouble finding a white person who has similar closed-minded views to you? Sick of being matched with non-white people on dating sites? Do you live in Utah? Well, boy do we have the site for you!

WhereWhitePeopleMeet.com (yeah, that’s actually the name) has sparked massive uproar after billboards were put up all around the state of Utah for the dating site. The state has over 2 million residents, 91% of which are white. So what did people do? The only sensible thing of course.

To Twitter!


I mean…look at it. Have you ever seen a creepier couple?



This could be yooou… join uuuus

It’s also quite relevant to note that the site does not offer any other relationships than those seeking a partner of the opposite sex. There is no tab for same sex relationships. The founder of the site defended this abomination by using the classic ‘I dated a black person so I’m not racist’ defence. To which our only sensible reaction would be.


Oh, but you shouldn’t worry, it’s not like the site’s doing so well.


I stress again. Utah’s population is over 2 million people.