After massively screwing up what should have been the easiest Conservative Party landslide since Thatcher, Theresa May is receiving mixed responses from members of her party. Naturally, many Tories are beginning to question whether or not the PM’s influence is diminishing and Leave voters are worried that her authority has been undermined too much to be able to negotiate the best Brexit deal for the country. It’s not all doom and gloom though. Most of the senior or high profile Tory MPs have expressed that they intend to fully support May at least through the next couple of months as she begins negotiations with the EU. It’s quite difficult to keep track of which MPs support her and which ones want rid of her so where else better to vent their frustrations or pledge their allegiance to Theresa May than Twitter? Here is what the Tories have to say about her after the train wreck general election.

1- Boris Johnson was quick to put all of the speculation that he was after May’s job to bed. His feelings towards May and her competency don’t get much clearer than this. Of course, Boris is not a stranger to back stabbing as we saw with Michael Gove last year and we could soon see him go back on his word. However, at this present stage he seems to be fully loyal.


2- A more subtle approach is favoured by the Chelsea and Fulham MP Greg Hands. It appears that he has totally dismissed the notion that Theresa May could soon stand down by not even using a hypothetical context. For him, it seems pretty set in stone that Theresa May will remain the Prime Minister.



3- Philip Hammond doesn’t even concern himself with all this Tory drama. He’d rather get straight on with the job instead of wasting time and money electing another leader.



4- If you watched the general election results coming in, you’ll know that Anna Soubry was one of the first Tories to publicly admit that May needs to “consider her position”. Both her TV comments and her tweets are very diplomatic and sensible. It’s clear she wants to call Theresa May out on her mistakes whilst simultaneously staying on the good side of the Party.


5- Nicky Morgan seems to be eager to give May a bit of advice on how to lead, as does Ed Vaizey MP of Didcot and Wantage who retweeted this from Morgan. These two MPs clearly support the PM but acknowledge that she made several mistakes that she must take responsibility for and learn from.


6- Gove makes his feelings very clear. As a candidate last year, he knows the division and unnecessary obstacle that a Tory leadership contest brings. He advises other MPs that they can’t simply back the PM, they must strongly support her if progress is to be made and Corbyn kept out of No. 10.



7- Since he is no longer an MP, Osborne can more or less say whatever he likes about the Conservative Party and Theresa May. Even though this cartoon isn’t his own creation, the fact he chose to share it on his Twitter probably tells us all we need to know if he hadn’t already spelled it out for us with his “dead woman walking” comments.