Trump Cancels February Visit

Us embassy

President Trump has cancelled a planned visit to the UK that was scheduled in February, where he was expected to open a new US embassy.

The $1bn building was supposed to be graced by Trump’s ghastly appearance later next month, but tweeted (obviously) that he was ‘not a big fan’ of the new embassy. It is moving from Mayfair to south London. He blamed the Obama administration for a ‘bad deal’ despite the fact that the deal was made by George W Bush.

Because he’s a moron. Sorry, must remain non-bias.

The trip was not the full state visit, proposed by Theresa May, which no date has been set for.

Downing Street said now date has been set for the controversial visit from the POTUS, with the opening of the embassy being a ‘matter for the US’. According to a spokesperson, the ‘strong and deep’ relationship with Britain and the US ‘will endure’ despite Trump’s cancellation.

Juxtaposed to this however, is London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, who has previously clashed with Trump. He said that the POTUS had gotten the message that many Londoners were opposed to his policies and actions.

The US embassy move was confirmed ten years ago, when Bush was still president. It was moved from Mayfair as it was too small to put in the modern security it needed. But, Trump (obviously) blamed former president Obama for selling what was ‘perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London for peanuts’.

No date for an official visit has been set.

If there is a higher power, then we hope he ends up stranded on an island. Imagine Trump with a beard.