Trump’s Budget Blueprints

If there’s one good thing we can say about Donald Trump, it’s that he hasn’t surprised us at all. Before he was elected President of the US, people were worried that he’d cut funding from environmental agencies, scientific agencies and education, and as we feared, some of these agencies have seen cuts of nearly 30%. This, for some of them, means losses of billions of dollars.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suffered the most with a 29.6% cut to its funding. The US contributes 14.69% of the world’s global warming, second only to China, so if anything, Trump should really be endeavouring to increase EPA funding, especially as the US is suffering greatly as a result of climate change. The US also faces a crisis because of a shortage of bees. The way things are going, many species of bee could be extinct in the next few years, meaning that some crops and plants won’t even be able to grow let alone be harvested. Apparently, this isn’t a worthwhile issue to Donald Trump and it certainly isn’t worthy of funding.

All the while, the Department of Defence are going to receive a 10% increase, taking them up from $599 billion to $659 billion per year. Clearly, bombing the Middle East is much more important than funding research that could save our planet. Maybe if Trump realised that without the EPA he’d have no planet to bomb, he’d consider a different budget.