TV Review: Inside Amy Schumer

Although Amy Schumer first arrived on our screens almost 10 years ago, you may know her best from Trainwreck, or for being the hilarious comedian that talks about her lady parts a lot. And we mean a lot. After producing her own TV show, Inside Amy Schumer, back in 2013, she is now back with a brand new season. The first episode of the season was aired on Comedy Central at 11pm on Monday, and there is no doubt that Amy is just as hilarious as ever.

One of the most memorable scenes from this episode was the ‘last f***able day’, starring three of the most famous actresses in the world. With a feminist approach to the media’s view of ageing female film stars, the women discuss how pleased they are to no longer be considered ‘f***ble’, celebrating their final day with a party. As well as this, Schumer creates a music video in which she shakes her ‘fudge machine’ – admittedly, this is not too different from many of the music videos that are around today. Except that this may even be slightly better.

In previous episodes, Amy made some pretty insightful comments on femininity and relationships, such as:

and not forgetting

She is undoubtedly a modern day philosopher – what do you reckon?

If you missed the first episode, you can catch up here. It’s definitely worth a watch.