Jeffrey Dean Morgan has defended his choice of attire in an Instagram post, where he wore a Blue Lives Matter shirt. The movement was made by police in the US after Black Lives Matter blew up in popularity.

It was started after the deaths of two police officers in New York. The Black Lives Matter movement was started after the 100+ black people killed by officers, probably every month over the last few years. Acts of police brutality have been recorded, shared online and condemned by just about everyone, with officers literally attacking pool parties, unarmed black people in the street and shooting them in their cars. Just saying. The actor has received criticism over wearing the shirt, particularly from fans of his.

The post has been taken down, but his apology was:

‘I stand behind the sentiment… but, what was meant as one thing has been taken as another. I understand those that are upset… and to those people I apologise.

‘Of course, black lives matter. I stand behind that. Always have.

‘This country means the world to me. The good people in it mean the world to me… the ones [sic] looking for a fight around every corner? Racists? Bullies? They don’t. We are a country divided and it’s getting scarier every day.’

Hear that?

That’s me rolling my eyes.