The Standstill Dead

After AMC’s The Walking Dead saw its lowest ratings since Season 2, the show is seeing a mix up in show-runners.

Scott Gimple will leave the role he has occupied since 2013. He will be replaced by Angela Kang, who previously worked on the show as a writer. The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Gimple will now serve as a chief content officer for The Walking Dead media franchise in general. This will include ‘gaming and future brand extensions.’

Kang worked on the show since 2011 and has written more than 20 episodes. She will take over at the start of Season 9, which will premiere this autumn.

Ratings dipped to 7.9 million at the finale last month and was the lowest ratings have fallen since Season 2. Season 2 was arguably the slowest and hardest to get through, given that it took place during a writer’s strike. This contrasts with the 10.58 million viewers who watched Season 7 in 2016. Going further bag that number is nearly half of what the equivalent episode achieved for Season 5 in 2014.

The producer defended the show, stating that people are still watching the show, just not live on TV. Will viewers catch on to the next season?

Only time will tell.