UK Glamour magazine is going ‘digital first’, stopping the monthly issues and instead will be producing ‘collectable, glossy tomes’ twice a year. A spokeswoman said that the ‘mobile-first, social-first’ will be more focused on how readers are ‘living their life today’.

The magazine company will be going into consultation over jobs, but there are no solid numbers yet.

The last print edition will be released in November.

Content will still include ‘some celebrities and fashion’ pieces, with the print editions being released in spring and autumn. This move will see the editorial and commercial teams becoming ‘fully integrated’. The move will obviously lead to some layoffs.

The last cover for this year will feature model and Spider-Man: Homecoming actress Zendaya.

Changes will be coming in the next few weeks. This move will only be taken by the UK part of the publisher, with the other outlets like Germany and Brazil continuing to sell the print versions.