When Katy Perry released her latest album Witness, it was a huge disappointment, not just to pop music, but to her loyal fans too. It was far too ‘aimed’ at a certain audience and just didn’t reflect the emotion, lyrical genius and genuine fun of all of Perry’s other records. I was disappointed and disillusioned too. Then I opened my Christmas present: tickets to see Witness The Tour.

In the months leading up to the night, I didn’t even have a countdown or anything and never felt the butterflies in my stomach that I felt before The Prismatic World Tour. Then they did the countdown before she came on stage and I was back to feeling everything I used to. Then Katy Perry came on stage and I was, again, her biggest fan, asking my hairdresser to cut my hair like hers on the cover of I Kissed a Girl.

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While Witness is a poor album, some of the songs are great, like Pendulum, Into Me You See and Witness. I enjoyed them and she can sing them for sure. But the tour was filled with the olden and golden songs: California Girls, Firework (which she makes into a beautiful rendition with a different musical arragement for the first half – it’s the best I’ve heard) and Teenage Dream. All bangers, and all completed with the Teenage Dream inspiration and creative direction. Katy Perry still flies around the arena on planets and on a flying pendulum too.

She is still the best female artist around and there’s nobody even close. So, update: Katy Perry hasn’t flopped.