A US TV and radio commentator is off the air after threatening a Florida shooting survivor with sexual assault. In a tweet, Jamie Allman threatened David Hogg, a vocal survivor of the recent Parkland shooting, with ‘[ramming] a hot poker up David Hogg’s ass’.

No this isn’t satire. No, we aren’t joking. There are actually people who hate this kid for lobbying against guns.

KDNL-TV accepted the resignation of broadcaster Jamie Allman of St Louis, Missouri radio channel. His radio show was canceled.

Mr. Hogg has become a voice for young people lobbying for stricter gun controls. Ever since he first spoke on such a prominent topic, there has been a tidal wave of hate, abuse, and ill-will directed towards this kid. Why?

We have no idea.

Allman, a conservative commentator, posted the tweet on 26th March. His Twitter page was then locked, but a photo of the message has been shared online. Sinclair Broadcast Group, owner of KDNL-TV announced the cancellation of his show and his resignation.

The group owns roughly about 200 local V stations around the US.

The fact that these people will openly attack kids who just want to go to school without fear of being b**ping shot.

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